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Fancy new packaging

New eco-friendly packaging

While many choose to dine in with us, we have a significant number each & every day who deem to trump for the takeaway – meaning we go through plenty of packaging. Cutlery, containers, pizza boxes & coffee cups; oodles of ampoules that up until now have tended to be of the polystyrene or plastic configuration.

But we have been investigating into more eco-affable options & have started switching our less-than-friendly yields out for environmentally aiding stuffs.

We have a goal for all our holding/enclosing/consumption supporting/encompassing merchandise to be not just recyclable, but compostable &/or biodegradable - so that even if they are not disposed of in a considerate way, they still Go Green & release nutrients to enhance the environment.

Who knew you could have durable knives&forks&spoons made from plants? Or sturdy & secure vessels made from sugar cane? You see, sugar cane is a non-food renewable resource, with the left over plant fibre – the sugarcane-bagasse – the bit that remains after the sugar producers process the sugarcane stalk. And this seemingly excess substance is actually a gem in being used to make packaging, as it breaks down & biodegrades when the products have been used and put to waste.

We’ve also stopped using plastic bags at the supermarket, instead opting for the reusable ones available to buy. And did you know at New World, you receive a 5cent discount when you show you choose to use these?

Let’s all be planet pals in all aspects we can. A little truly does go a long way – and you can feel good when you ask for a doggie bag for that pizza you couldn’t quite fit in.

Going Green Together.

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