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Straws suck

More than 8 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans every year, turning our seas into plastic soup. Single-use plastic is a particularly nasty form of the stuff; with a shockingly short lifespan, such items are used once & then discarded. And do you know what the worst offender is?

The straw. Whoever knew such a slim sucker could be so sinister?

Disposable straws are made from plastic & never break down. We use a straw for about 20 minutes – 5 tops for the scullers – before we toss them, a shockingly short lifespan for something that stays on our planet forever.

You see, straws contain BPA, that ghastly chemical that can’t be recycled. And often they end up in the ocean, causing much grief for marine wildlife (you may have seen the grim ordeal all over social media last month of the sea turtle in Costa Rica; scientists thought it had a parasitic worm blocking its airway, but an operation revealed it was in fact a plastic straw causing him so much distress). For us, it’s the last (plastic) straw.

So, we have done some research & switched to more sustainable suckers. Innocent Packaging have provided us with Innocent Straws, which are made from a plant-based plastic called PLA. This means they are compostable, breaking down & not hurting our earth. And of course, going strawless is always an option – just ask us, and we’ll leave it out of your glass.

Plastic straws seriously suck. Going Green Together.

Straws suck

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