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Acoustic panels

The boys from Devereux Electrical, Waikato, and BOP Suspended Ceilings & Argus pulled an all-nighter to install new acoustic ceiling panels in the Onyx space. This project was undertaken to address a common issue in large spaces like Onyx – excessive noise due to the abundance of hard surfaces.

Onyx is a spacious area with wonderfully tall ceilings which we love but unfortunately, it also means that sound tends to bounce around a lot, creating a chaotic soundscape filled with unwanted noise. This noise can be distracting and even unpleasant for visitors.

To tackle this issue, the team decided to install new acoustic ceiling panels. These panels are designed to absorb sound, effectively reducing the level of noise in the room. By doing so, they aimed to create a more comfortable and pleasant atmosphere for everyone in the space.

The team also paid attention to the aesthetics of the space. They chose black acoustic panels that align with the name "Onyx." This not only contributes to the overall theme and ambience but also ensures that the acoustic treatment seamlessly blends in with the space's design.

The lads did an outstanding job. Cheers, you guys are the best!

Acoustic Panels Onyx

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