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Menu Spotlight: Bluff Oysters

Fresh Bluff Oysters

Oysters are sometime referred to as the truffles of the shellfish world. And in NZ, we're internationally recognised for growing the very best farmed pacific and of course, the famous Bluff Oysters. We're very pleased to say that quota systems are in place to protect the future of these very special shellfish.

Battered, with homemade tatere sauce is the preferred style for most of our customers. Natural is also popular, with a variety of vinagrettes.

Our Onyx Bluff Oysters are very popular, and they're plentiful at the moment (September), but that's not always the case.

If you're tempted, don't be slow. We'd hate you to miss out!

And, don't forget Whitebait season has started already. Grab the kids and go try catch some. At Onyx we're on the look-out too and when we can source some, we'll pop it on the specials menu.

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