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Have you checked out our new vertical garden yet?

Onyx's vertical garden

We wanted to brighten and soften our outdoor area, so we've been experimenting with an outdoors vertical garden. We're starting small, because turns out this is quite a tricky challenge. For plants to flourish, they need to be not too dry, not too wet, not too warm, not too cold... but just right! That takes quite a bit of figuring out.

You may know we're going green in the way we're doing business. We're heading down a sustainability pathway for Onyx. We've been busy making all sorts of subtle changes (like in our takeaways compostible packaging, keep cups, recycling, and solar panels).

Now we decided to add some lush green plants as a lovely way to make the outdoors area compliment our green pathway mission.

We think it looks pretty good so far. The plants were kindly supplied by the fabulous team at Cambridge Oderings (thanks for the excellent advice @oderings team). The plants, while quite small now, will grow nicely (we hope)!

Aroha and Jo are up on the ladders, after dinner service every now and then, pruning, fixing, replacing, feeding, and so have fingers crossed the plants will flourish as the weather warms. And Joy, our Onyx garden expert, is helping with watering and advice.

We've got a simple sprinkler system to pop in soon, which will help, and we aim to soon add two more pockets to fill up the wall even more.

If you haven't already, do come check it out and let us know what you think. We'd love to hear from you.

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