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Got a birthday coming up?

Cheers to Onyx's Function Room

September, October and November are officially New Zealand's 3 biggest birthday months.

Here's a few fun facts:

  • 30 September is the most common birthday

  • the 10 most common birthdays all appear in the 10-day period from 22 September to 1 October

  • the least common birthday is 25 December (apart from 29 February, which only occurs in leap years)

  • the least common birthdays tend to be around public holidays: 24–27 December, 1–2 January, 6 February (Waitangi Day), 25 April (ANZAC Day).

It might be easy to let the occassion slide by... again... (be honest), but it's also a lovely reason to get together with friends, family, and workmates, and mark the occasion.

Let us take the stress out of doing the organising. We can make it super easy for you. You just have to show up and do the invites.

Your style of party is up to you. It could be:

  1. Social and informal. For example we've just hosted a 50th party with 70 guests, and we decked the room out with bar leaners and chairs, and served a full bar, with pizzas and hearty snacks.

  2. A formal meal with menu service. For example, we recently held a 90th birthday, with a group of friends and family all getting together over lunch, and relaxing in the room for a good few hours.

  3. A fixed price set menu for as many people as you want to invite.

  4. Or something else - we recently held a joint 1st birthday for an anti-natal group of friends, and about 10 newly one-year olds!

Give us a bell and chat about your requirements: 07 827 7740.

BTW - Just in case you're wondering about our source info: here's the official stats on the matter:

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