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Learning how to break up with plastic

Nic, the enthusiastic and ambitious founder of Mainstream Green held one of her increasingly popular 'How I broke up with plastic' workshops at Onyx last night.

A full workshop group of around 30 women (wasn't a women's group, but interestingly only women registered) came along to hear Nic's entertaining stories about how she came to (almost) eliminate plastic from her life. The surprising thing was that it actually seems not a completely far fetched notion, even for mere mortals like me. Nic offered time and cost saving, genuinely easy and practical solutions for shopping, cleaning, and life.

We're proud to say that Onyx already has made many sustainability and waste reduction changes and ongoing initiatives, BUT I also know that there's still A LOT I could do, personally.

Nic's advice is to change only ONE thing at a time, and to make the change when your current item runs out or breaks. Otherwise it's too overwhelming and it won't happen at all. It's about figuring out what works for you, and being open to learning.

If only I could decide what my one thing might be, e.g. shall I try... ?

  • Switching to baking soda, in bulk (try Bin Inn) which apparantely is a bit of a wonder ingredient - used for cleaning, baking, and even shampooing

  • Buying apple cide vinegar - as well as being a great gut tonic, is also useful in cleaning and as a natural and cost effective hair conditioner.

  • Switching to natural deodorant (it lasts months/years)

  • Getting home delivery in-season fruit, veg, eggs (delivered in boxes, no plastic)

  • Making honey wrap food covers (from cotton and beeswax)

  • Switching to an old style razor with replacement blades

  • Replacing containers eventually with glass/stainless

  • Or one of her other million ideas...

One step at a time.

Thanks @MainstreamGreen, and Nic. We loved your passion, authenticity & ideas, and we think you'll be making many millions of ripples.

Certainly from the participant's laughter and enthusiastic reactions last night I am absolutely certain there will be some pretty interesting conversations in 30+ households today, and many "ONE" thing actions taken.

Great job Waipa Council and Sally Fraser (Waste Minimisation Officer) supporting this initiative. You're awesome!

ONYX was proud to host and support this event, and especially as it aligns with our direction.


If you are looking for a lovely function venue for your next workshop, party, seminar or gathering, do get in touch and we'll help you arrange a wonderful event.

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