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Have you seen our delicious new herb vertical garden?

Chef Graeme is dying to get snipping our new herbs for kitchen delights! Aroha has told him: "No Graeme, you have to wait at least a week". Mama Aroha is in full protective mode!

Here's the before and after pics...

We've got parsley (Italian and curly), oregano, coriander, thyme, sage, black basil, mint varieties - chocolate, pineapple, mint and spearmint.

Hint: You have to stop in a try the pineapple mint; it's gorgeous.

And all gardens now also complete with sprinkling systems; not an easy task. Thanks John Snodgrass, you are truly amazing!!

And, we've added to our front vertical garden as well (it was a long night planting!), with another two hangers.

And yes, Aroha was still smiling after too, despite the hour... I'm not sure when she stops smiling actually!

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