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Fresh fish delights at Onyx

Fresh fish delight

Here's this week's beautiful Fresh Market Fish 🐠 pan seared Tarakihi, with hokkien noodles, Asian herb salad and asparagus.

Our fresh fish of the day meals are constantly changing, depending on what's fresh from our fish suppliers.

Onyx chefs Brent and Graham craft new creations, to suit, and particular one includes fresh asparagus from local growers (beautiful and in season) and herbs from Onyx's new hanging herb back door garden.

And for a little bit of info about NZ tarakihi:

This fish is most plentiful south of East Cape, around Cook Strait, and on the east and west coasts of the South Island. They're a silver-grey with a blue-green sheen, shading to silver and white on the belly, and have a distinctive black band between the head and the dorsal fin.

In terms of sustainability, Tarakihi have been fished commercially in New Zealand for over 100 years with relatively stable commercial catch annual quantities since 1945. Tarakihi numbers are regularly monitored using commercial catch rate and trawl survey information.

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