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Slow cooked beef brisket

Our Chef has been at it again, making another mouthwatering dish! Check out our star this week: delectable slow-cooked beef brisket served with honey-glazed baby carrots, tomato concasse, creamy mash, saffron hollandaise, and jus. It's a flavour explosion on a plate that is sure to satisfy your cravings.

The beef is locally sourced and is cooked to tender perfection alongside our fresh sweet carrots, fresh zesty tomatoes and velvety mash. Amongst all of these, we also added a subtle saffron kick and to finish off all the wonderful flavours the whole dish is topped with a lip-smacking jus. Trust us, it's a whole vibe for your palate. Grab a fork and dig in, it is sure to keep you coming back for more!

Come visit us this week to enjoy this limited-time-only dish, it sure is a one-of-a-kind!

Slow cooked beef brisket

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