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This week's Chef Special

Raglan's "Grandad's Farm Beef" - rump steak, lightly peppered, creamy mushroom sauce & feta cranberry salad Grandad's Beef is as close to home kill as you're likely to get. These animals are raised with care and respect, enjoying a diet of lush grass, hay, and silage, all of which are produced right on the farm. Raglan's Grandad's Farm Beef steers clear of GMO corn or maize feed, ensuring that the cattle receive the most natural and wholesome nutrition. This commitment to their well-being not only makes for happier animals but also translates into meat that is more tender and flavorful, with fewer undesirable by-products. They are happy and well-treated, and because of this, the meat is more tender, with fewer by-products.

If you're curious to learn more about Grandad's Farm Beef and the approach to sourcing the best ingredients for your plate, we invite you to explore their story further.

delectable beef

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