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Special Cardrona Cocktail

Brer Rabbit Dive into the latest creation from Onyx – introducing our newest star, "Brer Rabbit"! This cheeky little concoction is all about the good times, featuring the lively spirit of Rose Rabbit Orange Liqueur courtesy of our buddies at Cardrona Distillery. Picture this: a bold shot of fresh espresso blended seamlessly with the citrusy notes of the liqueur. Now, here comes the party – a lavish layer of whipped cream adds that extra indulgence, while a sprinkle of orange zest adds a zingy twist.

Why not treat your mom to this playful creation on Mother's Day? It's not just a drink; it's an experience that's as unique as she is. Imagine her savouring the rich flavours, each sip unfolding a tale of craftsmanship and creativity. Because every mom deserves a bit of magic in her day, and "Brer Rabbit" is here to deliver just that.

So, make your Mother's Day celebration memorable with a round of "Brer Rabbit" – a toast to the simple joys and the fantastic flavours life has to offer. After all, who says cocktails can't be casual and utterly delightful at the same time? 🌟🍹

Cardrona cocktail

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