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Cardrona Cocktail Evening

Held on 3 May 2018

A great night - Kenny from Cardrona treated us with a highly enthusiastic and expert demonstration on the ins and outs of making beautiful cocktails. His passion for mixology was evident from the get-go, and it was contagious. The room was filled with excitement and anticipation as Kenny took us on a journey through the world of cocktails.

Throughout the night, we not only learned about the art of crafting cocktails but also gained an appreciation for the craft itself.

See below a few pics from the evening. Many thanks to all of you who attended and made this evening truly special. Your enthusiasm and curiosity added to the vibrant atmosphere, and we hope you enjoyed every sip and moment shared. Kenny's demonstration was a celebration of the craft of mixology, and it wouldn't have been the same without all of you. Cheers to many more memorable nights filled with delightful cocktails and great company! And if you didn't get to come along, click here to see Kenny in full cocktail making action on YouTube (3 mins)

Cardrona cocktail evening
Onyx function room set up for the event

The cocktail master!

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