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Croucher's Black IPA Moonride is on Tap!

Life is short. Beer is Awesome.

CROUCHER'S BLACK IPA MOONRIDE This is a multi-award winning beer. It's an American Black Ale with more hops than a rabbit on a pogo, this Black India Pale Ale has a gorgeous dark body and light brown head - with an explosion of orange, chocolate and pine notes. It's a deliciously smooth malt rider, with enough flavour to keep you clinging on or more. Read more about Croucher's here. Now on Tap at Onyx. AWARDS: Bronze medal, Brewers Guild of NZ Awards 2015 Silver Medal, Australian International Beer Awards, 2017 Australian International Beer Awards 2015 Silver medal, Brewers Guild of NZ Awards 2014 Bronze Medal, Brewers Guild of NZ Awards 2012 OVERALL CHAMPION, New Zealand Beer Cup 2011 2013 Capital Times Beer Awards - 4/5 (2nd Equal Dark Beers)

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