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Soup of the Day Creations for cool Autumn days

As the crisp air of Autumn envelops us, there's no better way to savour the season than with a steaming bowl of Chef's Soup of The Day at Onyx. The Mulligatawny encapsulated East-meets-West flavours into a delightful lunchtime experience.

It is made with a rich, velvety tomato base infused with subtle curry notes. The freshly picked vegetables go alongside tender chicken and aromatic rice, creating a nice balance of textures and flavours.

At Onyx, we are constantly adding and changing our menu, making it better every week. Curious about today's soup creation? Give us a ring!

Come and join us at Onyx, where each spoonful of our Soup of The Day is perfect for the season. Let us take you on a journey through autumn's finest flavours, one bowl at a time. 🍁🥣✨

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