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Interview with Jay, Onyx's Pizza Chef

Jay, Onyx Pizza chef, has been here almost 1 year.

What is the secret to making a great pizza ?

  • The dough …like everything in life that is good, you must start with a good base

  • Consistency and careful timing

  • 5kg flour each batch, semolina, olive oil, 80gms salt, yeast, sugar, water and milk… takes about 3 hours entire process

  • Make a batch of dough every day = 33 pizzas

How much pizza dough does Onyx use in an average week?

  • 40 kgs or more

What is the secret to being a good pizza chef ?

  • Striving to do everything with perfection

How long does it take to heat up the wood fired pizza oven?

  • 45minutes – 1 hour approx. to get to around 300.c

What type of wood does it take?

  • Pine and manuka

What is the pizza cooked on?

  • Directly on the hot stone

How long does it take to cook a pizza?

  • About 7 minutes, but little longer in the morning as the oven is not as hot in the morning as later in the day

Do you have a favourite pizza?

  • Angus

What is Onyx most popular pizza?

  • Manuka / Hawaiian

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