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International Pinot Noir Day

On Saturday, August 18th, indulge in the delightful choice between two outstanding wines from Central Otago or opt for a tantalizing selection from Marlborough. The Devil's Staircase from Central Otago boasts an intriguing blend of flavours, with hints of Black Doris plums, blueberries, and dark cherries that entice the senses. Its profile is characterized by a fruity richness, supple texture, and a gracefully extended finish, all complemented by its soft tannins.

Alternatively, the Rockburn from Central Otago beckons with a 'hands-off' approach that encapsulates the essence of the region within each pour. This wine offers an expressive bouquet that introduces vibrant notes of both red and black cherry, alongside the richness of mocha. Its palate is deeply fruited, showcasing supple, silky tannins that guide you into a profoundly enduring finish. True to the Rockburn style, this wine embodies elegance, integrity, and a harmonious balance that defines the region's winemaking finesse.

For those seeking guidance in their selection, our doors are open, welcoming you to explore these exceptional wines further. Allow us to assist you in making a choice that perfectly complements your palate preferences and elevates your Saturday experience.

International Pinot Noir Day

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