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Come join us for afternoon tea with Linda Roil at Onyx

If you haven't heard already we've got a very exciting event coming up! Join us at Onyx for an unforgettable Afternoon Tea on the 7th of October. You will be able to meet the amazing Linda Roil, the brains and heart behind Kids in Need Waikato. But that's not all, for every ticket bought every cent goes straight to the fantastic cause of Kids In Need Waikato.

We've got limited spots available, only 45 tickets are up for grabs! Don't miss out on this chance to make a difference! Secure your spot today by giving us a ring at 827 7740 or swing by Onyx. We're super excited and would absolutely love for you to be part of this meaningful endeavour! 😊

Let's make this afternoon tea unforgettable – for Linda, for the kids, and for the community. See you there!

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