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Thai Chicken Curry

Nestled in the heart of Cambridge, Onyx is a local culinary treasure that's been making waves with its vibrant flavours and inviting ambience. Among its array of mouthwatering dishes, there's one that's captured the hearts of Love Cambridge: the Thai Green Chicken Curry.

What makes this curry so irresistible? It's succulent chicken bathing in a creamy, aromatic green curry sauce. It's a tantalizing blend of locally sourced goodness and authentic Thai spices that harmonize beautifully, creating a dance of flavours on your palate.

But it's not just the taste that enamours diners. Onyx's curry is a gateway to Thailand's culinary soul, transporting you to bustling streets and vibrant markets with every spoonful.

For Love Cambridge, this dish is more than a meal—it's a symbol of the city's diverse culinary scene and a shared love for exceptional dining.

If you're wandering through Cambridge or simply eager for a culinary adventure, a stop at Onyx for their Thai Green Chicken Curry is a must. Join Love Cambridge in savouring this dish, and you'll find yourself echoing their sentiment, "What a delicious dish!"

Thai Chicken Curry

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