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Chef's Special - Cajun Chicken Salad

Available for this week only! Don't miss out on this delectable dish.

Cajun Chicken Salad - served with sun-dried tomatoes, pecan nuts and a minted yoghurt dressing. Cajun cooking, born from the French-speaking Acadian descendants in Louisiana and the Southern states, packs a flavorful punch. The secret to the deliciousness? Cajun seasonings.

At the heart of Cajun flavour is the trio of onions, celery, and bell peppers, sautéed to create a base that's essential to the dishes. Cayenne pepper brings the heat, while garlic adds depth and aroma. Paprika contributes smoky notes, while green onions and parsley add a fresh twist. Making for a heavenly mix of flavours in every bite.

Cajun cooking is like a culinary party, with a rich history. So when you come and enjoy our Cajun Chicken Salad know that you're savouring a piece of Southern American culture that's as vibrant as the flavours themselves.

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