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Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours - even people in the hospitality industry need a break...

Hey there, folks! Just wanted to give you the lowdown on our holiday hours. So, here's the deal: we're gonna be closed on Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Day, and the 2nd of January. Those are the days when we'll be taking a well-deserved breather to enjoy the festivities with our loved ones.

But don't you worry, we're not going MIA for the entire holiday season! Nope, we'll be back in action with our normal trading hours at all other times. That means you can still swing by and grab your favourite dishes or just come in for a chat and a cup of joe like always.

So mark those dates on your calendar, plan your breakfast, lunch and dinner plans accordingly, and we'll be here with open arms and smiling faces to serve you whenever you need us. Happy holidays, everyone! 🎄✨

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