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Chef's Fieldays Special

With Fieldays just around the corner, our chef has been hard at work deciding what this week's Chef Special will be. After much deliberation, we've decided on the crowd-pleasing dish - Lamb Shank! It is the perfect meal for anyone needing a hearty pick-me-up after a long day at Fieldays.

This dish has succulent lamb shank which is served with velvety creamy mash, crisp green beans, slow-roasted tomatoes, and a drizzle of mint jus that is sure to brighten your day. It's the ultimate dinner delight, and it will be available from Thursday the 6th of June.

Because of all the excitement we've been having about our Lamb Shank, we're expecting to be booked out! So don't miss out on this excellent dish – give us a call at 07 8277740 or swing by 70 Alpha St to secure your spot. It's going to be a dish to remember, so mark your calendars!

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