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Maioro the Good Samaritan


Meeting Maioro Barton and his amazing mum a few days ago was an absolute delight! It was our pleasure to host them for lunch and hear Maioro's story.

We caught wind of Maioro's heroic act of rescuing an elderly lady in the dead of night, and we couldn't resist showing our appreciation. So, we extended an invitation to him to come join us at Onyx Restaurant for a complimentary lunch on the house. Why? Because people like Maioro, who embody kindness, care, and responsibility, deserve a little extra recognition!

Want to know the full story of everything that happened? Dive into the heartwarming details on Maioro's Facebook Page - just click right here. Trust us, it's a feel-good story you won't want to miss out on reading! We also encourage anyone who enjoys this amazing act of bravery to also share it with your friends and family, we want to give Maioro as much recognition and appreciation as possible, he really deserves it!

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