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Mandela Day with Cambridge Community House


Just wanted to share some good vibes with you. So, we're all about supporting community initiatives, and lately, we got in on the action for Mandela Day.

Our awesome Onyx team stepped up and treated a fantastic bunch of local pensioners to a heartwarming lunch. These folks have been dealing with a not-so-cool rent hike lately, so we figured some good food and company could make a difference.

Guess what? We had the pleasure of hosting the amazing Maioro Barton, a public figure with a heart as big as ours, at the Cambridge Community House. Together, we spread smiles and good vibes, making it a day to remember for everyone.

Because, you know, kindness matters. Big time. 💙✨

Find out more about Maioro on his Facebook Page - Click Here

Find out more about Cambridge Community House - Click Here

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