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Days For Girls

'Days For Girls' Group Cambridge

It was so lovely to host the 'Days for Girls' Sewing Group Cambridge branch for their end of year celebration, here upstairs in our function room at Onyx.

Days For Girls sew reusable washable sanitary shields for women and girls in need.

Days for Girls are an international charitable group and women from all around the world volunteer to help sew.

The shields go into kits which are transported all around the globe. The Cambridge Group's shields have gone to Kenya, Fiji, Philippines,Tanzania, Ethiopia and even to some parts of New Zealand.

The kits are are very sought after by the women and girls in need and enable girls to complete their education without having to miss school. Education is the way out of poverty!

Their Motto "Every Girl. Everywhere. Period."

The team at Onyx think they are amazing!

If you'd like to know more about 'Days for Girls' email or call Anne on 027 687 9724


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