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Name that Pizza!

vagan pizza

Hey Pizza Lovers! Guess what? That awesome vegan pizza that totally stole the show in our recent competition is officially making its debut on the menu. Exciting, right? But hold on – we need your help to give this mouthwatering masterpiece the perfect name!

Got a creative streak? Fantastic! We want you to be the brains behind the name of our star pizza. Just shoot us an email with your coolest, quirkiest, or downright genius suggestion. And here's the best part – the chosen name not only gets the glory of naming our pizza but also bags a free pizza from our new menu. Yep, you read that right – a free pizza is up for grabs!

So, dive into that imagination of yours, whip up a catchy name, and hit us up with your suggestion. Let's make this pizza-naming adventure as epic as the pizza itself! 🍕✨


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