Onyx & The Red Light

As announced on Sunday 23rd January 2021, 11am briefing, as a country, we are now in Red. Again, sadly we don't set the rules and we cannot open the restaurant unless we follow the framework of this system.

However, Red is not too different from Orange.

Red means:

- Face coverings are encouraged on arrival until you are seated.

- When visiting Onyx we will be required to ask for your vaccination pass upon arrival, if we don't by law we risk a $15K fine if we do not follow the new Government rules and legislation.

- Take-away is still available to everyone. We have a contactless pick-up point at the front door of the restaurant for those that don't have a Vaccine Pass or would like to limit contact at this time.

- Fewer tables

Please note: If in the event one of our team becomes unwell, they will isolate & get tested. This may mean we may need to have reduced hours and/or menus if we have too many staff off isolating or close for a period of time too. We are hoping that this doesn't happen.

For now, there are no Omicron cases in the Waikato, so we really encourage people to support all our local eateries now, either by dining in or contactless takeaway - whatever you are comfortable with, while we can, as we feel hospitality is in for another rough year and your support means the world to all local businesses.

We are all in this together and we need to be kind to one another during these times.

Thank you for your understanding and support.