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Photo Competition Time!

photographing a pizza from Onyx Restaurant

Getting a free $50 Onyx voucher is a walk in the park – trust us, it's super simple!

All you have to do is swing by Onyx, dive into our delicious menu, snap a drool-worthy pic of your meal, and boom! Upload that masterpiece on Facebook and/or Instagram, make sure to tag Onyx, and you're automatically in the running for the big win!

This competition doesn't last forever, so mark your calendars because it wraps up on May 31, 2019. We're not keeping the winner a secret for long – we'll be shouting it out on our social media pages. So, if you're all about the suspense (or just want that sweet victory notification), follow us on both Facebook and Instagram at Onyx Cambridge.

Get ready to eat, snap, and win – it's your time to shine! 🌟


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