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Welcome to two-thousand and twenty-one

Happy New Year! 🎉

So, 2020 – what a wild ride, huh? Let's give it a little nod for being the year that kept us on our toes. But you know what? We made it! Cheers to us, and to this awesome country that's been handling things like a boss compared to some others out there. That's definitely something worth clinking glasses for!

Big shoutout to all of you amazing folks who stuck by us through thick and thin. Your support means the world, and we're forever grateful. Seriously, you guys are awesome!

Now, about the New Year's Eve plans – we'll be open until late on December 31st, and we're not slowing down during the New Year period either. No surcharge on the statutory holidays, just good vibes and good times.

We'd love to have you over! Hit us up and lock in your spot via the link below. Let's kick off the New Year with a bang!

Cheers to an epic 2021!

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