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Calamari or Scallops?

For seafood lovers, it can be hard to face the classic dilemma of calamari or scallops. But ther is no need to break a sweat over it! Our menu is like a treasure trove of tasty wonders, and we've got more than just calamari and scallops waiting to tickle your taste buds.

The tantalizing crunch of perfectly fried calamari, or perhaps the succulent tenderness of seared scallops. But wait, there's more! Our laid-back haven extends beyond these two culinary delights. With an array of dishes to choose from, your dilemma transforms into a culinary adventure. So, why stress over decisions when you can just drop in, kick back, and let the flavours surprise you? Your taste buds are in for a chill, flavorful journey! Come on over and let the good times and great eats roll.

calamari or scallops?

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