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Dining Out in Cambridge

When you choose to come to Onyx, and spend your hard earned cash with us, we want you to have an awesome experience.

Kiwis are known to be polite, laid-back, and take it as it comes people, and most will feel uncomfortable about complaining or asking for what they need.

But we want you to tell us if something's not right. Onyx wants your Dining Out in Cambridge experience, your Onyx Experience, to be the best we can possibly make it to be.

Don't suffer in silence; tell us what's going on and we'll do our best to make it right.

The Onyx team, both Front of House wait staff, and the Kitchen teams work really hard every day and some days things go a little haywire, but we're constantly learning and improving.

So if you choose to dine with us, here's a few tips from the Stuff team we think sum it up quite well.

Delicious dishes!

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