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Soup of the day

Dive into this delicious dish! Our kitchen is constantly experimenting and coming up with new delectable meals that we know our customers will adore just as much as we do. This week's special is the classic French Onion soup (as pictured) but done with an Onyx exclusive twist!

Every day the soup will change, keeping you on your toes. Today's soup is French Onion Soup but who knows what will be on the menu tomorrow?

Onyx's soup dishes are perfect for these frigid winter days we have been having. Plus with Onyx's current warm inviting environment and roaring fire, it is sure to bring a bit of cosyness to your life and brighten your day!

Ready to embrace this deliciousness? Gather your friends and families and come to experience the thrill of the ever-changing soups that Onyx has to offer. We can't wait to surprise your taste buds!

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