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Function Room Facilities

Whether you are looking to plan a meeting, fundraiser, intimate dinner party, a big birthday or anniversary bash, at Onyx we have a range of spaces, including a dedicated private function room, so we are able to accommodate any group size or party style.

The private upstairs function room has space to accommodate 50 to 60 people seated and up to 80 in a casual standing set-up.

Our Function room has a wide range of facilities such as our recently added a new interactive TV screen to the space upstairs, so now you also have the option to easily host a function via Zoom. The interactive TV also has an extra wide lens, allowing anyone who might not be able to attend physically, the ability to still feel part of the event, as they are able to see the whole room.

In addition to Zoom, the new TV can be used as a white-board, allowing for even more possibilities!

If you are interested in booking a function with us or have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to help make the occasion special.


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