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The Cambridge Football Club thrives on its community spirit, where volunteers like Calleigh Baker play a vital role. Calleigh's recent recognition as the 17th Volunteer of the Week is a nod to her exceptional dedication. Her efforts embody the club's values, showcasing the importance of teamwork both on and off the field.

This acknowledgment not only honours Calleigh's contributions but also highlights the collective effort of all volunteers. It's a celebration of their commitment and passion for supporting the club's activities. This recognition serves as a reminder of the strong community bond within the CFC, encouraging others to join in and contribute to the shared goal of fostering a welcoming and thriving football environment.

Looking forward to seeing more of Calleigh's contributions and celebrating the ongoing efforts of all volunteers at CFC! You can find more about Calleigh's achievements and the impact of volunteers here.

Onyx sponsoring Cambridge Football Club


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