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Onyx-trordinary video

Absolutely incredible! Each one of these ten Cambridge locals are true gems, they are shining bright in our community. They're the kind of extraordinary individuals who make our town the wonderful, vibrant place that it is. From their diverse backgrounds to their exceptional achievements, each one brings something special to the table.

At Onyx we wanted to get to know them all better! By inviting them to join us for lunch, we're not just sharing a meal; we're creating a space to celebrate their stories, their passion, and their impact on our community. Their dedication and talents have made a lasting impression on all of us at Onyx. We're honoured to have the opportunity to learn from them and be inspired by their journeys. Cheers to these incredible individuals and a big thank you to them for agreeing to join us for a meal here at Onyx, we were honored to host you! Onyx Cambridge | 07827 7740 |


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